Interview: Vitaly The Prankster


Vitaly Zdorovetskiy is an Internet comedian that is also well known as the ultimate prankster. He is better known by his username on YouTube, VitalyzdTv, which hits more than 7 million subscribers. With popular videos such as Gold Digger Prank, Miami Zombie Prank, and How To Get Girls To Kiss You, Vitaly is definitely not one of your average pranksters. What makes him stand out was the fact that his public prank videos is so creative and bold that not everyone had the tendency to do so. Vitaly’s public prank videos are definitely eye opening but at the same time, witty as hell. With many fans that stood by his beliefs into courageously living your life, Vitaly sets his way to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for a fan meeting.

We managed to catch up with the man himself right after his massive fan meeting that totally kept him in awe.

Concertkaki: Hello Vitaly, first of all, welcome to Kuala Lumpur! How’s everything so far?

Vitaly: It is awesome! Everything is amazing and the people here are lovely. I am loving everything, it has been a great experience so far.

Concertkaki: That is definitely great to hear. On your YouTube Channel, the most popular video that hits more than 46 Million views was How To Get Girls To Kiss You. How do you react to both positive and negative comments that came across your YouTube channel especially towards that video? 

Vitaly: Honestly, I feel completely fine. Let me put it this way, I feel completely fine because I’ve been through a lot such as people pressing charges on me, and it is fine because this is what I do and these are the consequences I am ready to face. I have a lot of guys coming up to me thanking me for that video because it helped them to kiss a girl! On the other hand, there are also the feminists that accuse me of being a pervert or a rapist. Overall, it feels fine.

Concertkaki: What makes you interested in making prank videos?

Vitaly: Well, I always wanted to be an actor. But after I saw some prankster’s video, I thought to myself I want to try that and from there I just started doing it. 

Concertkaki: Since you have mentioned that acting is your first interest, are you still interested in pursuing acting as a career in the future? 

Vitaly: Of course. I just shoot my first movie, it is a prank movie and it is called The Natural Born Prankster. It is a great experience and there are a lot of TV shows that we are working on as well. By starting everything off from YouTube has definitely helped out with a lot of opportunities. 
Concertkaki: How do you deal with a situation that does not go according to plan when recording a prank video?

Vitaly: Well, I’m not proud of it when it happens but this is my career and I have to live with it. Things like this happens such as the pranks gone wrong and there were some awkward moments but I just normally face it as it is.

Concertkaki: Well, you are well known by your courageous and brave personality judging by your prank videos and there are a lot of people looking up to you. Is there any advice you would love to share to your fans?

Vitaly: Well first of all, do not be afraid. Do not be afraid of life and taking chances because you will never know when will be your last day. Go out and experience life as it is. I have a friend who was afraid of flying and I honestly don’t think he should feel that way because you can’t live with that fear forever. He is doing better now as I have been advising him to not be afraid. Overall, just do not let that fear stop you from doing anything you want to do. Don’t be afraid.