Zouk KL presents Trancesylvania 2018

The Trance genre was at the forefront of the Electronic Music Movement when it first gained global recognition. Its specific blend of minimalist beats, arpeggiated rhythms & repeating melodic phrases that took the dance scene into mainstream popular culture – stemming a musical movement still pumping till this day.
Although Trance had seen a peak and a drop in popularity since the 1990’s, it’s die-hard fans stuck by it, culminating in a resurgence of the movement in more recent times best displayed by international events such as “A state of Trance” and locally by the hordes of fans that turn out to Zouk KL KL Trance Events.
This presents a unique opportunity for Zouk KL to launch something spectacular for the local Trance scene, all under the roof of Asia’s Largest Superclub. This 2018, Zouk KL will be bringing 3 different international acts into the scene, including Super 8 & Tab, Khomha, and Willem De Roo.
Pre-sale tickets: RM 65
Door sales: RM 75
* Pre-sale tickets available starting Wednesday April 25, at Zouk KL HQ office weekdays 10am-7pm; Zouk KL front entry counters 10pm onwards, while they last.