Kaya Yanar Around The World Asia Tour 2014

“Around the World”: Kaya Yanar’s new show is true to its promise – and has a lot more to offer besides. The globetrotting comedian has travelled the continents of Asia, America and Europe and – what else could we expect? – has had the wildest adventures. This number one comedian and TV moderator in Germany, Kaya Yanar is coming to perform live in Kuala Lumpur, August this year for the first time in Asia. All comedy and stand up joke lovers will love Kaya Yanar. 
The Kaya Yanar Around the World Asian Tour live in Kuala Lumpur will commence on the 17th and 22nd of August. The show will be held at the Grand Ballroom of the Renaissance Hotel in an exclusive four course corporate dinner event and a stand up theatre show on the two dates respectively. 
At an impressive rate of knots, the comedian now sets off to track down the answers to questions that keep him awake at night: Why do the Chinese eat everything on four legs apart from tables? Why do the Irish drink the same stuff that they use to tar their roads? Why do the Turks say “muz” when the rest of the world is quite happy with the word “banana”? And why do the Swiss of all people have a fast “A” and a slow “B” post? 
Kaya Yanar is German and Turkish heritage and he will be entertaining this show in English. There is no one like Kaya Yanar to take such an interest in the characteristics and eccentricities of other countries and cultures. He pours his enthusiasm undiluted into his new show “Around the World” and makes it a completely unique experience. “Three changes of facial expression per second and a repertoire of around 50 languages and dialects” is how the German newspaper, Westfälische Anzeiger summed up “ALL INCLUSIVE!”, his last successful show. Therefore, this stand up comedy show will be tickling everyone’s funny bone, especially the German lingual community in Malaysia. 
Kaya Yanar explores languages, cultures and people in such detail that he has their eccentricities off to a “T”. Turkish parents, German passport, passionate about world travel … only he can make such blatant fun of those quirks. After all, Kaya is never just out for the next laugh but always reaches out with affection – even the South German newspaper, Süddeutsche Zeitung pays tribute to this “integration comedy”. 
Kaya has full mastery of every detail of his art: the plus points are his perfect timing and his gift for imitating languages and accents at a breathtaking speed. In “Around the World” the comedian defuses culture shocks, reports on bizarre travel experiences and describes wonderful encounters. In other words, together with Ranjid, Francesco and Hakan, Kaya Yanar captivates audiences in his totally new role – as the funniest tour guide in the world. 
Kaya Yanar Around The World Asian Tour is brought by SeatAdvisor Sdn Bhd also known as MyTicket and is sponsored by Ministry of Tourism and Culture Malaysia, and Reniassance Hotel. This exclusive performance will be having Natasha Sass, Asia’s (Malaysian) youngest singing sensation as the opening act.
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Dinner Show (17th Aug 2014) 
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VVIP (Meet& Greet) RM12,500 
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GOLD RM3,500 
Stand-up Show( 22nd Aug 2014)
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VIP RM 288 
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