Djakarta Warehouse Project 2019 [REVIEW]

DWP 2019 was the 11th edition of Ismaya Live’s successful rave event that is being mentioned in the same name bracket as the other top rave events in the world. South-East Asia’s biggest music festival makes a triumphant return with the likes of Zedd and Martin Garrix taking centre stage with jaw dropping performances. Not only that, a return to the JIEXPO was a huge deal for the fans. Do not get us wrong, the previous edition of DWP which was held at the GWK Cultural Park in Bali was nice, but this felt more like a homecoming for DWP to be held at the JIEXPO.

Party-goers were not let down by the stages that were on display too. A dazzling array of lights, laser shows and pyrotechnics wow-ed the crowd constantly. To top it all off, Garuda Land’s famous stage took centre stage once more, stimulating the audiences’ sight and hearing in all the right ways.

DAY 1 

Garuda Land: Evan Virgan | Stan | 22 Bullets | De Varra | Blasterjaxx | Yellow Claw | Zedd | Martin Garrix

Cosmic Station: Ride | Pixiee | Zippy | LTN | Markus Schulz | Trilions | Mark Sixma ; Jordan Suckley | Jeffrey Sutorius (aka Dash Berlin) | Coone 

Barong Family: Jams Hybrid | Hathoris | Aydra | Hai | Sihk | Rayray| Get Looze ; Fungfung | Moksi | Wiwek | Ghastly 

The first day of DWP 2019 started with a bang with the closing act of Zedd and Martin Garrix – two of the biggest music producers in the world, sharing the stage together. It was truly a moment to savor as they gave the audience a heart thumping thrill ride of a show which will live in the history books for many years to come. A notable shout-out must be given to the Dutch Duo Yellow Claw, whom have become a favourite among the Indonesian party-goers. They responded to this enthusiasm by giving an hour-long set which included hits like their latest song “Amsterdamned”.

DAY 2 

Garuda Land: Joyo | Andre Dunant | DJ L | w.W | Oliver Heldens | R3HAB | Disclosure | Skrillex 

Neon Jungle: Yolla Titania | Jody | Kentaro | Fun on a Weekend | Softest Hard | Brohug | Krewella | Cash Cash | Bassjackers 

Elrow Rowmudas: Okiocto | Hyde | Mario Biani | Chelina Manuhutu | Riva Starr | Marc Maya | Meduza | Claptone 

After the success of Day 1, Day 2 had high expectations to live up to, and boy the crowd were not disappointed at all with the likes of Krewella, Cash Cash, R3HAB and Skrillex taking their respective stages by storm. Krewella was a highlight for the Neon Jungle stage, filling up the venue with a crowd which was so pumped up to witness tracks that have been heard one too many times on their playlists. Back on the Garuda Land stage, Skrillex gave the crowd a show that was one to remember for the ages. His set was so good, many considered it to be one of the best sets of the weekend.

DAY 3 

Garuda Land: Yesterday Afternoon Boys | Hizkia | Yako | Patricia Schuldtz | Martin Solveig | Calvin Harris | Jonas Blue 

Neon Jungle: Whisnu Santika | Hachi | Bate | Kallula X PYT Soundsystem | Chromeo | Tinashe | Mattn | Brennan Heart 

D’Empire: Jovan Blade | Rookie | Nathalie | Fendy | Generik | Yung Bae | Motez 

Alas came on the last day of DWP. After 2 days of constant partying, the crowd – albeit tired, were looking forward to the artists that promised to put on a real show for the crowd. Among the many artists that performed on the 3rd day, standing out among the star-studded cast was Calvin Harris, who was making his return after a 7-year absence from DWP. Calvin Harris is known for churning out hits after hits, and he did not let the crowd down by one bit. He managed to take what the audience wanted and added on to his amazing set with custom stage designs which blew the minds of all the people in attendance that night.

Over at the Neon Jungle stage, Brennan Heart who replaced Salvatore Ganacci at the last minute, gave the audience a reminder as to why he was known as the godfather of hardstyle. Belting out tunes like “Imaginary”, he took a breath of the crowd away with a set that gave DWP 2019 a fitting end.

With that, came the end of DWP 2019. What more can be said of DWP that hasn’t been said already. Ismaya Live gifted us with another masterpiece of a music event that did not let us down by one bit. DWP 2019 may have preceded our expectations, and we know for a fact that DWP 2020 can and will be better than this years edition. Till then, we hope that you guys enjoyed Djakarta Warehouse Project’s 2019 just as much as we did, see you guys next year!